18 September 2013

best of the best: the cannabis crew kickstarter

I highly recommend that you check out the treasure trove that is the Kickstarter page for my Facebook friend's husband's latest project, a web series following the adventures of Trip, Tran, and Dank. 

some solid acting, here
In case you are wondering, Trip, Tran and Dank are human names. Tran "rides hard, but parties harder." Trip is a "holistic soul flower."And as you can tell from his name, Dank is a businessman. Oh, and an artist!

art by Dank
The web series is called Cannabis Crew, and it is described by its creators as an "Entourage for weed dealers." I'm really hoping they double their modest goal of $25k because one of the stretch goals is some sort of action-packed bonus episode. Not gonna lie, the #somthinggonna'xplode hashtag has me intrigued!

Sadly, the world must wait a whole month to see if this thing gets funded. If you'd like to donate, perks include full-body hemp oil massages, official Cannabis Crew koozies, and (obviously) art by Dank.

In the meantime there are some really outstanding videos about each cast member that are available for your immediate enjoyment. I think Tran's is my favorite.

Another thing you might want to check out the Cannabis Crew's meditation on the Kickstarter platform. These fellas have clearly done their research.
Let's face it:  What Artists are best at is creating Art.  But in order to do that, sometimes we need Benefactors.  It's the oldest story in the book.  But since the Catholic Church probably isn't going to support our "Sistine Chapel," we're hoping You will.  It's time for the People to Take a Stand & Support the type of Entertainment they want to watch, and fortunately for us, Kickstarter is giving us that chance.  We are appealing to you, John Q. Public because 52% of you believe Medical Marijuana should be Legalized in the United States, and there are over 316 Million Citizens that live here.  If every one of you gave us a single dollar: A) We wouldn't have to fulfill a single perk & B) We would have a budget of  $160 Million dollars to shoot this thing.  That's less than the cost of most Hollywood Films these days, but more than enough for us to shoot this show.
Like all of history's greatest philosophers, the Cannabis Crew understands that Pure Logic is best conveyed with Randomly Capitalized Words. You can't argue with hard numbers, people. Or the fact that Cannabis Crew is a modern-day Sistine Chapel. Or that we should pay somewhere between $25k and $160 million to support these artist-activists who are working so hard to legalize medical marijuana. Theirs is a message worth carrying into the world on a koozie, for sure. Be the change you want to see, etc.

It's hard to believe that the actual web series could surpass the entertainment value of their Kickstarter, but please join me in wishing the cast and crew of Cannabis Crew the best of luck in this amazing endeavor.

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